Eid Al Adha Gifts

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6 Items

Eid Al Adha, a Celebration of Sharing

World-renowned for its inimitable taste and flavour profile, Bateel dates are delightful and wholesome. Each organic date promises premium quality with a taste of distinction.Bateel's organic date farms are nestled in a fertile oasis in the Al Ghat region of Saudi Arabia, north of the capital Riyadh. Our cultivation techniques are kept as close to nature as possible, using the best sustainable and ethical farming practices.

This Eid, explore a refined selection of delicacies, from flavourful organic dates, traditional biscuits to exclusive gourmet delicacies, perfect for gifting. Inspired by the brand’s rich heritage and passion for crafting unique and beautiful offerings, this season’s selection of gift packaging is specially curated this momentous occasion.

A significant festivity, Eid Al Adha is celebrated with anticipation around the world every year. Also known as the ‘Big Eid’, during the special occasion friends and family gather and present exceptional gifts to one another. Inspired by the joy of sharing, this Eid, Bateel offers a selection of luxurious gifts perfect for the occasion.